NVWA to halt transport at additional laying hen farms as a precaution

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has imposed a transport ban on dozens of laying hen farms as from Wednesday, 26 July. Transport at seven other laying hen farms had already been halted by the NVWA on Saturday, 22 July, after their eggs had been found to contain fipronil. The same poultry service company had administered treatment for red poultry mite at these 7 businesses. It is suspected that this treatment involved the use of fipronil, even though fipronil is prohibited in the poultry sector.

Eggs on assembly line
Image: ©NVWA / NVWA

Consequently, as a precaution, the NVWA is now halting transport at all businesses that underwent treatment by this same poultry service company earlier in the year. At these businesses, inspectors are taking samples of eggs, laying hens and manure. The NVWA will only release these businesses after their samples turn out to be free from fipronil. If fipronil is found, the transport ban will continue to apply to the farms concerned. They will be prohibited from transporting eggs, laying hens or manure and will be required to remove from sale all the eggs they have supplied.

Thus far, none of the eggs investigated by the NVWA contained concentrations posing an immediate public health risk. However, potential harmful effects may arise from prolonged consumption of eggs contaminated with fipronil. The advice given by the NVWA is to follow the recommendation of the Netherlands Nutrition Centre on the consumption of eggs.

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