Preventive measure issued against two Dutch companies for breaching the EU timber regulation

The Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA) has issued a preventive measure against two companies which place teak from Myanmar on the European market. The companies import teak from Myanmar and do not comply with the EU timber regulation. The companies must pay a sum of money for every teak shipment they continue to place on the market. The timber regulation forbids the placing on the market of illegally harvested timber. In the course of this investigation the NVWA used information provided by non-governmental organisation Environmental investigation agency.

Teak wood

Enforcement NVWA

The NVWA enforces the timber regulation. This regulation obliges companies who place timber, paper and pulp or wooden furniture on the EU market to operate a due diligence system. If the risk for placing illegally harvested timber on the market is not negligible, the market operator must take risk mitigating measures to proof legality. Measures such as gathering documents such harvest licences and inventories of harvestable and logged trees. The data in documents must be verified by physical audits at harvest locations and at saw mills.

The NVWA works together with other enforcement authorities in EU member states. In Sweden and Denmark sanctions have also been issued to companies placing timber from Myanmar on the EU market.

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