Advice on the risks of certain models of boilers of the Nefit brand following effectiviness study modifications

Advice of BuRO to the Inspector General of the NVWA:

  • ask Nefit to substantiate certain points in the TNO report to ensure the safety of the modified boilers;
  • urge the manufacturer again to trace the not yet known owners, in the Netherlands and abroad, of a non-modified appliance with a V1 burner set;
  • urge the manufacturer to further ensure that the burner set is replaced, and the appliance is regularly checked for proper operation.

Advice from BuRO to the Minister for Healthcare and Sports in relation to the risk of fire and CO poisoning:

  • strive for agreements at European level to ensure that new boilers are both designed and built inherently safe so that adequate measures are taken in the event of leaks or overheating;
  • check which general requirements for carrying out maintenance on boilers have to be set in addition to the manufacturer's specific requirements;
  • start a campaign to encourage boiler owners to have regular maintenance carried out under the manufacturer's instructions to prevent CO poisoning and fire.