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Additional declaration per sector, other than fruits and vegetables

Checklist: Additional declaration per sector, other than fruits and vegetables.

Regulation | 23-09-2020

Additional declarations fruits and vegetables

Checklist: Bijschrijvingen bij import groenten en fruit

Regulation | 22-09-2020

Organisation chart management NVWA

Organisation chart management NVWA

Publication | 29-07-2020

Quickscan Chloridea virescens

This document presents the quick scan of chloridea virescens.

Publication | 09-07-2020

Quick scan Peronospora aquilegiicola

This document presents de quick scan of Peronospora aquilegiicola April 2020.

Brochure | 06-05-2020

Advice on the risks of certain models of boilers of the Nefit brand following effectiviness study modifications

Advice of BuRO to the Inspector General of the NVWA: ask Nefit to substantiate certain points in the TNO report to ensure the ...

Risk analysis | 04-05-2020

Advice on PFOA and GenX in food

The Office for Risk Assessment & Research (BuRO) advices the Minister of Healthcare and Sports and the Head of Agency of the ...

Risk analysis | 16-04-2020

MANCP, Multi Annual National Control Plan, the Netherlands, annual report 2018

This Multi Annual National Control Plan (MANCP) Annual Report provides insight in the organisation and implementation of official ...

Annual report | 07-04-2020

Quick scan answer for Setoptus sp. on Pinus parviflora

This document presents the quick scan of Setoptus sp. on Pinus parviflora.

Report | 19-03-2020

Guidance notes on the classification of food extracts with colouring properties (EU)

Opinion of the standing committee of the EU on plants, animals, food and feed to achieve a harmonised implementation of the EU ...

Publication | 10-03-2020