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Additional declaration per sector, other than fruits and vegetables

Checklist: Additional declaration per sector, other than fruits and vegetables.

Regulation | 22-01-2020

Additional declarations fruits and vegetables

Checklist: Bijschrijvingen bij import groenten en fruit

Regulation | 22-01-2020

Appointed centres for cleansing and disinfection poultry

List of approved establishments in the Netherlands

Instruction | 17-01-2020

November 2019 – Closing note pest report – Confirmation of eradication of Ralstonia solanacearum (race 1) in ornamental Rosa plants for planting for cut flower production

This report concerns a closing note whereby eradication is confirmed of the first finding of Ralstonia solanacearum (race 1) in ...

Report | 24-12-2019

Quickscan Meloidogyne silvestris

This recently described root-knot nematode was detected at Hilversum during a survey for Meloidogyne mali on Ilex aquifolium ...

Brochure | 18-12-2019

Quickscan Cacopaurus pestis

This plant-parasitic species was recently detected at Hilversum during a survey for Meloidogyne mali on a Ilex aquifolium L. ...

Brochure | 18-12-2019

Poster Keep plant pests and diseases out of the European Union

Poster of European Commisssion:  You are NOT allowed to bring plants, fruits*, vegetables, flowers or seeds into the European ...

Publication | 18-12-2019

Official confirmation of Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) in Solanum lycopersicum at two professional fruit production companies (closed conditions)

This report concerns the official confirmation of ToBRFV at two fruit production companies of Solanum lycopersicum in the ...

Report | 22-11-2019

Investigation design hoverboard

Due to incidents, the NVWA investigates hoverboards and the associated electrical supply in 2018.

Publication | 01-11-2019

Quickscan Thrips parvispinus - october 2019

This Quickscan was prompted by the finding of Thrips parvispinus (pepertrips – Dutch / tobacco thrips - English) in a glasshouse ...

Risk analysis | 29-10-2019