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Advice of BuRO on avian influenza virus in mechanically separated poultry meat

BuRO advises the Minister for Medical Care and Sport to inform consumers about the importance of kitchen hygiene and proper ...

Risk analysis | 03-03-2021

Additional declaration per sector, other than fruits and vegetables

Checklist: Additional declaration per sector, other than fruits and vegetables.

Regulation | 03-03-2021

Advice from BuRO on the evaluation of the Animals Act

The Office for Risk Assessment & Research (BuRO) makes a number of recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and ...

Risk analysis | 26-02-2021

Quick scan Resseliella citrifrugis

This Quickscan was prompted by the interception of Resseliella citrifrugis in pomelo fruit (Citrus maxima) from China. The ...

Publication | 24-02-2021

Advice from BuRO on the health risks of bamboo cups

Bamboo cups are popular as reusable cup for coffee and tea. When drinking hot beverages from bamboo cups, there is a risk that ...

Risk analysis | 16-02-2021

Organisation chart management NVWA

Organisation chart management NVWA

Publication | 15-02-2021

Additional declarations fruits and vegetables

Checklist: Bijschrijvingen bij import groenten en fruit

Regulation | 03-02-2021

Pest reporting ToBRFV January 2021

January 2021 – UPDATE - Official confirmation of Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) in Solanum lycopersicum at 28 ...

Report | 26-01-2021

Brexit procedure for the import of veterinary products

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has changed the procedure for the import of veterinary products.

Publication | 21-01-2021

Advice from BuRO on the Mobile Slaughter Unit pilot project in the north of the Netherlands

Define a better set of work protocols and preconditions for the deployment of a Mobile Slaughter Unit (MSU) in the Netherlands. ...

Risk analysis | 20-11-2020