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Book of abstracts

Find background information, the program and all attendees and presentations of the workshop Potato wart disease June 2019 in ...

Publication | 24-06-2019

Synchytrium endobiotium workshop program

Information about the program of the workshop on Synchytrium endobioticum.

Publication | 24-06-2019

Investigation safety requirements balloons 2018

The NVWA is conducting an investigation to establish whether balloons meet the requirements for the maximum release of ...

Inspection result | 07-06-2019

Organisation chart management NVWA

Organisation chart management NVWA

Publication | 05-06-2019

Asbestos in cosmetic products

Study of asbestos in talc-containing cosmetic products

Publication | 24-05-2019

Investigation results hoverboards 2018

The NVWA received information of hoverboards in the Netherlands and abroad catching fire and/or exploding. The NVWA therefore ...

Inspection result | 06-05-2019

Additional Declaration, Overview for each sector

Checklis: Overzicht bijschrijvingen alle sectoren

Brochure | 30-04-2019

Quickscan Rust fungus on Cestrum

This document presents de quick scan of Quickscan Rust fungus on Cestrum of 16 April 2019.

Publication | 23-04-2019

Synchytrium endobioticum workshop presentation information

Information for your presentation during the Synchytrium endobioticum workshop.

Publication | 12-04-2019

Synchytrium endobioticum workshop practical information

Practical information for your stay in Wageningen during the synchytrium endobioticum workshop.

Publication | 12-04-2019