Advice of BuRO on MDMA in maize

MDMA is the active ingredient of XTC. When drug waste containing MDMA was found in farmland and when NVWA discovered that maize on this farmland contained MDMA as well, the Office for Risk Assessment & Research (BuRO) investigated the risks of the consumption of MDMA-contaminated maize to public and animal health.

BuRO concludes that the concentrations of MDMA found in maize do not pose a risk to public health. However, there is a risk in terms of the adverse effects on the food safety system. The presence of MDMA and possibly other substances from the MDMA waste in maize is undesirable.

BuRO recommends to analyse, if there are indications of the production of MDMA, whether the residual waste from this process in the vicinity of the food crops grown, the maize silage and maize grain samples contain any (residues of) raw materials, solvents and (residues of) reagents used in the synthesis of MDMA. And to notify the appropriate authorities of these results if the analytical results give cause to do so.