The video shows how to use the right disinfectants in the right way and how to identify authorized agents.

As a tattoo artist, you love your craft and you guarantee the quality of your work. A rapid recovery of the tattoo is very important for the final result. Working according to hygiene standards is part of your craftsmanship.


Working hygienically means using the right disinfectants in the right way.

Before placing the tattoo, apply skin disinfectant on your client's skin.

You can recognise authorised disinfectants by the RVG number on the packaging.

We advise against using skin disinfectant for disinfecting your own hands.

After tattooing, disinfect materials and surfaces that may have come into contact with blood or ink splashes.

Only use disinfectants that have been approved by the Ctgb.

Approved products can be recognised by the N number or the NL code.

Also check if it works against viruses and if the product is intended for what you want to disinfect.

Store the product in its original packaging and follow instructions carefully.

Always wear gloves when disinfecting and wash your hands afterwards.

Only disinfect after cleaning.

The hygiene standards for tattooing can be found on the RIVM website. There you can read the rules again.