African swine fever (ASF) in Germany, mandatory additional Cleansing & Disinfection transport vehicles in The Netherlands

Due to the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in Germany transport vehicles for ungulates (pigs, cattle, sheep, goats and deer) that return or enter from Germany to The Netherlands require additional cleansing and disinfection (C&D) immediately after entering The Netherlands. This requirement also applies to vehicles entering from EU member countries Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia and other countries outside the European Union, so called third countries (among which United Kingdom).

Loaded transport vehicles are first unloaded after which has to be carried out a 1st C&D on the spot, then after a mandatory 2nd C&D at a approved centre for cleansing and disinfection for animal transport vehicles. After the mandatory 2nd C&D, the supervisor at the approved centre completes the evidence of cleansing and disinfection. The transporter has to send this completed and signed evidence to the reporting point of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). The NVWA monitors compliance with these laws and regulations.

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