Lists of approved and registered animal by-products establishments

Lists of approved or registrered establishments, plants or operators handling animal by-products in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 (Animal by-products regulation).

Section I: Establishments or plants carrying out intermediate activities and plants storing animal by-products

Section II: Establishments or plants for the storage of derived products

Section III: Incineration/co-incineration/combustion plants

Section IV: Processing plants

Section V: Oleo-chemical plants

Section VI: Biogas plants

Section VII: Composting plants

Section VIII: Petfood plants

Section IX: Establishments or plants handling animal by-products or derived products fo purposes outside the feed chain

Section X: Registrered users of animal by-products and derived products for specific purposes

Section XI: Collection centres

Section XII: Establishments or plants manufacturing organic fertilisers or soil improvers

Section XIII: Other registrered operators

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