Legend to the abbreviations used on the lists of approved, registered and authorised feed establishments

How to read the codes and abbreviations used on the lists of feed business operators approved, registered or authorised in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 183/2005, Regulation (EC) No 767/2009 or Directive 90/167/EEC?

Operator activities

Table of codes and abbreviations for feed business operator activities
BLEND Blending
DETOX Detoxification
DRY Drying
GEN Generation
INLNAV By inland navigation vessel
IMP Import
MANUF Manufacturing
PRIMPROD Primary production
PROC Processing
RAIL By railway
RETAIL Retail trade
ROAD By road vehicle
REP 3RD COUNTRY EST Representation of third country establishment
STOR Storage
TRANS Transportation

Product types

Table of codes and abbreviations for feed related products
ADD Feed additives
BIOD Biodiesel
CONTM Contaminated with excessive level(s) of undesirable substance(s)
FEEDM Feed materials
MEDFEED Medicated feedingstuffs
OLCFA Oleochemically produced fatty acids
PREM Premixtures
VEGOIL Crude vegetable oil