Country list mandatory additional Cleansing & Disinfection (C&D) of poultry transport vehicles in the Netherlands

Transport vehicles that have transported poultry and hatching eggs and enter the Netherlands from these countries require an additional cleansing and disinfection (C&D) immediately after entering the Netherlands. This is necessary to prevent the spread of the contagious (highly pathogenic) variant of bird flu (or HPAI).

Version: 1.64, tuesday July 2, 2024
Country Notifiable animal diseases Start date End date
Bulgaria Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza February 3, 2021 Continuing
Croatia Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza January 27, 2024 Continuing
Denmark Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza November 5, 2023 Continuing
Germany Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza July 2, 2024 Continuing
Hungary Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza April 21, 2024 Continuing
Italy Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza March 7, 2023 Continuing

The transporter has to send this completed and signed evidence, within 24 hours of entering the Netherlands, to the reporting point of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

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