Import of non harmonised animals from third countries into the Netherlands

Non harmonised animals are those for which no official certificates are laid down in EU legislation. National Dutch models of official certificates have therefore been drafted for these animals for entry into the Netherlands from third countries. Third countries are countries outside the EU (except Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein). These official certificates do not apply to pets for non-commercial purposes.

What are non harmonised animals?

In the Netherlands, the non-harmonised animals are divided into six groups:

  1. Primates
  2. Other carnivores (only mammals / other than dogs, cats and ferrets) 
  3. Reptiles and amphibians
  4. Other mammals (including sea mammals / seals)
  5. Invertebrates
  6. Aquatic animals non-listed species (same as the EU-certificate for listed species)

For a description of the animal species, see note ‘a’ under explanatory notes of the certificates (if applicable). 

Transit to other EU member states

If you are travelling on to another EU member state, you must ask for the import requirements there.

If the animals travel by road to another EU member state, the animals must also meet the requirements of the member states being passed through.

General information

All live animals must be subjected to offical controls at designated Border Control Points (BCPs), according to Regulation (EU) 2017/625. See Veterinary border control (

In the Netherlands you must  get in touch with an operator for this process. You can find them at and/or The agent will make the prior notification in our national data system and an appointment at an inspection centre of the BCP.