Pest reports

The Netherlands Plant Protection Service applies the following systems for communicating pest reports to other relevant authorities:

  • Direct communication to official contact points or other officials of phytosanitary authorities of other countries. This foremost relates to pests which are not of danger to the Netherlands but are known to be regulated by or of immediate danger to other countries.
  • Communication to the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation. Pest reports are subsequently published in the 'EPPO Reporting Service'. This foremost concerns new information on pest occurrence, outbreaks or spread of regulated pests by EPPO-countries.

Pest Reports Bacteria

Pest Reports Fungi

Pest Reports Insects

Pest Reports Nematodes

Pest Reports Viruses

Expiration of Pest Reports

Pest reports are generally updated, when new and more complete information becomes available. Following new occurrence or outbreak of a pest, containment or eradication measures are usually applied to prevent further spread or introduction of the pest into new areas. Other countries may want to consider applying new phytosanitary measures triggered by these pest reports. Before enacting such measures, countries are advised to first contact the Netherlands Plant Protection Service to exchange information, to prevent unnecessary inhibitions to trade, and to allow compliance with phytosanitary regulations.