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  1. Quickscan Litylenchus crenatae

    The recently published species description does not report any damage to broad-leaved tree species in Japan, except for the ...

    Publication | 03-02-2020

  2. Quickscan Meloidogyne silvestris

    This recently described root-knot nematode was detected at Hilversum during a survey for Meloidogyne mali on Ilex aquifolium ...

    Publication | 18-12-2019

  3. Quickscan Cacopaurus pestis

    This plant-parasitic species was recently detected at Hilversum during a survey for Meloidogyne mali on a Ilex aquifolium L. ...

    Publication | 18-12-2019

  4. Quickscan Thrips parvispinus - october 2019

    This Quickscan was prompted by the finding of Thrips parvispinus (pepertrips – Dutch / tobacco thrips - English) in a glasshouse ...

    Publication | 29-10-2019

  5. Quickscan Rust fungus on Cestrum

    This document presents de quick scan of Quickscan Rust fungus on Cestrum of 16 April 2019.

    Publication | 23-04-2019

  6. Quick scan Aleuroclava jasmini

    This document presents de quick scan of Aleuroclava jasmini of 21 January 2019.

    Publication | 22-01-2019

  7. Quick scan Tetranychus mexicanus Quick scan

    Tetranychus mexicanus has been observed for the first time in Europe on Beaucarnea plants in a commercial glasshouse in the ...

    Publication | 09-11-2018

  8. Platynota rostrana and Platynota stultana short pest risk analysis

    A short Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) was made for the leaf-roller moths Platynota rostrana and P. stultana following findings of ...

    Risk analysis | 22-05-2018

  9. American Spodoptera species risk assessment

    This assessment describes the impact of American Spodoptera species for the European Union.

    Risk analysis | 22-05-2018

  10. Nipponaclerda biwakoensis quick scan

    This quick scan concerns a first risk categorisation to determine whether follow up measures are required for the pest under ...

    Publication | 12-03-2018