Evaluation of Pest Risks

The evaluation of the risk of a pest for agriculture, horticulture, forestry and/or public green in the Netherlands consists of a 2 stage approach: at first a Quick scan and next a Pest Risk Analysis (PRA).

A quick scan concerns a first risk categorisation to determine whether follow up measures are required for the pest under consideration. In case emergency measures are applied, a PRA is always completed to evaluate the necessity for continuance of these measures. PRA procedures in the Netherlands make use of information from scientific literature, experts, stakeholders, inspection agencies, etcetera The completion of a PRA is based on international standards. Cooperation takes place with other EPPO countries through relevant EPPO panels.

For more information about Pest Risk Analysis, read the document 'Why is Pest Risk Analysis important'

Pest Risk Analysis Reports bacteria

Pest Risk Analysis Reports commodities

Pest Risk Analysis Reports insects/mites

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