Amusement devices in the Netherlands

The NVWA inspects or attractions at carnivals and amusement parks have been approved and whether they are safe. We also investigate accidents with attractions.

Operators of foreign amusement devices that are temporarily operational in the Netherlands must register within 48 hours before opening to the public by providing a written notification of the amusement device to the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

All devices should be periodically tested by an test institute appointed for such tests by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

These institutes are called AKI's which is an abbreviation for the Dutch term: Aangewezen Keurings Instelling.

It does not matter if the device will be operated for only 1 day or for months in the Netherlands; a valid test certficate of an AKI is always mandatory.

In other words if a device already has a test certficate supplied by a not- appointed institute, it still has to be submitted to an AKI for acquiring a valid certificate handed out by an AKI.

Without a valid AKI certificate a device will not be allowed to be operated in the Netherlands. Operating such a device is a economic offense that will lead to fines and securing the device by the authorities so that it cannot be operated.