Import Regulations of the Netherlands on Plant Health

Phytosanitary import requirements of the Netherlands are directly based on the plant health regime of the European Community and its Member States.

The purpose of these requirements is to prevent the introduction and spread of (quarantine) pests and diseases within the European Union. The EU requirements on plant health can be found on the EU-website.


In the Netherlands, a national IT-system (Client import) is used for handling Common Health Entry Documents (CHED's). After an import inspection the information in Client import is sent automatically to TRACES and registered in a CHED. This applies to animals, live products, products of animal origin, composite products, hay and straw, food and feed of non-animal origin, plants and plant products. In order to make a CHED, information must therefore be placed in the national IT system, it is mandatory to use specific software that meets established specifications. It is strongly recommended to contact a Dutch forwarder to submit CHED's and to handle the formalities.