FLEGT stands for Forest Law, enforcement governance and trade. The EU has signed bilateral voluntary partnership agreements (VPA’s) with several so called VPA countries. Indonesia is one of the VPA countries.

FLEGT export licences will be issued by the competent authority of the VPA country once the regulation enters into force. The export permit must be presented to the competent authority in the EU. List of all CA’s.

In the Netherlands the CA is the Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA)
The permit must be send to the NVWA

P.o box 43006
3540 AA Utrecht

Please write the CLIENT declaration number on a post-it and attach it to the permit. The declaration number consists of the EORInumber, year and a unique number generated by the system.

The shipment must also be registered in the electronic fytosanitairy system called CLIENT import. Most customs agents work with this system and are familiar with it. Download: information about CLIENT (in Dutch).

The FLEGT licence, copy for customs does not have to be submitted to Dutch customs. Please store the FLEGT licence copy for customs and the FLEGT licence copy for importer. This will be different in other EU member states.

The NVWA will check the paper licence against the data in CLIENT. If the FLEGT licence is accepted or rejected, an electronic message will be send via CLIENT. If the licence is approved a P2 code, necessary to clear the shipment through customs, will be provided via an electronic message. In the customs system called AGS, the document code C690 must be inserted for FLEGT licences.