After care

The video shows how to take proper care after the tattoo is been placed and the 4 ways to do this.

As a tattoo artist, you love your craft and you guarantee the quality of your work. A rapid recovery of the tattoo is very important for the final result. Working according to hygiene standards is part of your craftsmanship.

after care

Working hygienically means taking proper care after the tattoo once it's been placed. There are four ways of doing this: Wait for the tattoo to stop bleeding or dab it dry with tissues or paper towels. Before tending to the wound, wash your hands and put on clean gloves.

Then, pick one of the following methods:

Method 1

Apply an appropriate aftercare cream, like white Vaseline. Do this wearing gloves or with a clean spatula. You can cover the cream with cling film. Your client can remove the film a couple of hours later.

Method 2

Apply self-adhesive polyurethane film. Tell your client to not remove the film for four to six days. The wound will heal without any scabs.

Method 3

Cover the wound with gauze and secure it with an adhesive plaster. Be sure to not use masking tape.

Method 4

Cover the tattoo in plaster spray and keep the right distance. This will protect the tattoo for three to five days. Advise your client on how to take proper care of the tattoo back home. Give them this information in writing. The hygiene standards for tattooing can be found on the RIVM website. There you can read the rules once more.