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  1. Cleaning and desinfecting

    The video shows how to clean work surfaces, materials and instruments in the right way, and how to disinfect or sterilize them ...

    Video | 22-03-2019

  2. After care

    The video shows how to take proper care after the tattoo is been placed and the 4 ways to do this.

    Video | 22-03-2019

  3. Prevention of contamination risks

    The video shows how to protect yourself and your clients against blood-borne diseases, and how bacteria and viruses can spread ...

    Video | 22-03-2019

  4. Hand hygiene

    The video shows at what moments you wash your hands, how to do this in the right way, when you disinfect your hands and by which ...

    Video | 22-03-2019

  5. Disinfectants

    The video shows how to use the right disinfectants in the right way and how to identify authorized agents.

    Video | 22-03-2019