Cleaning and desinfecting

The video shows how to clean work surfaces, materials and instruments in the right way, and how to disinfect or sterilize them after placing every tattoo.

As a tattoo artist, you love your craft and you guarantee the quality of your work. A rapid recovery of the tattoo is very important for the final result. Working according to hygiene standards is part of your craftsmanship.

cleaning and disinfecting

Working hygienically means cleaning work surfaces, materials and instruments as well as disinfect or sterilise them.

You do this after placing each tattoo.

This prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses through the workplace.

Surfaces, materials and instruments that haven't come into contact with skin and aren't contaminated with blood a simple clean with an all-purpose cleaner will do.

Surfaces and materials that have come into contact with skin or blood must be disinfected.

You do this after cleaning.

For example, your work surface, armrest or Allen key.

Always use a disinfectant with an N number which can be found on the packaging.

Make sure you give disinfectants enough time to kill viruses and bacteria.

Do not rub it dry immediately.

The label tells you how long it needs to set and how to use it exactly.

Clean your instruments with different kinds of brushes.

After that, they go into an ultrasonic cleaning bath. Follow the instructions.

Instruments that have been sterilised, have to dry first after cleaning.

Once dry, you stick them in sterilisation bags.

The hygiene standards for tattooing can be found on the RIVM website. There you can read the rules once more.