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  1. Advise of BuRO on risks in the consumer products domain

    The Office for Risk Assessment & Research advises the Inspector General of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety ...

    Risk analysis | 05-07-2022

  2. Risks of non-food consumer products 2021

    In this document you will find the risks of non-food consumer products 2021.

    Risk analysis | 05-07-2022

  3. Pest report Euwallacea fornicatus April 2022

    This report concerns the eradication of the first finding of Euwallacea fornicatus sensu lato on plants for planting in two ...

    Report | 15-04-2022

  4. Information for people who travel from Ukraine with their pets to the Netherlands

    Letter | 12-04-2022

  5. Pest report Aleurocanthus spiniferus March 2022

    This report concerns the first finding of Aleurocanthus spiniferus in plants of Citrus limon and xCitrofortunella microcarpa in a ...

    Report | 05-04-2022

  6. Quickscan Hippeastrum chlorotic ringspot virus

    This document presents the quick scan of Hippeastrum chlorotic ringspot virus.

    Publication | 21-02-2022

  7. BuRO advice concerning the risks of chlorate in food for infants and toddlers

    BuRO advices to maintain a maximum chlorate level for infant and toddler food. In addition, BuRO advices to engage with the ...

    Risk analysis | 04-02-2022

  8. Quick scan Xyleborus affinis January 2022

    This document presents the quick scan of Xyleborus affinis.

    Publication | 31-01-2022

  9. Quick scan Euwallacea similis January 2022

    This document presents the quick scan of Euwallacea similis.

    Publication | 31-01-2022

  10. Quick scan Euscepes batatae

    This document presents the quick scan of Euscepes batatae.

    Publication | 21-01-2022