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Pest report finding of Viteus vitifoliae on Vitis vinifera plants for planting in municipality Emmen - professional trader

This report concerns the official finding of Viteus vitifoliae on approximately 80 Vitis vinifera plants for planting in pots at ...

Report | 26-09-2018

Pest report first finding of a single dead female beetle of Popillia japonica

This report concerns the first finding of a single dead female beetle of Popillia japonica in a trap at the cargo platform of ...

Report | 26-09-2018

Prevent the introduction of African swine fever

African swine fever (ASF) is an infectious viral disease that occurs in pigs and boars. The disease is advancing towards Western ...

Brochure | 07-09-2018

Pest report findings Tobacco ringspot virus and Tomate ringspot August 2018

This report concerns the findings of Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV) and first finding of Tomato ringspot virus (ToRSV) in plants ...

Report | 06-09-2018

Artikel in Readers Digest 09 2018: The food detectives

Readers Digest published an article about the work of fraud detectives from the investigation division of the Netherlands’ food ...

Media article | 29-08-2018

Food Safety Statement

The Food Safety Statement provides an insight into food safety in the Netherlands from the competent authority's perspective.

Report | 02-07-2018

Platynota rostrana and Platynota stultana short pest risk analysis

A short Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) was made for the leaf-roller moths Platynota rostrana and P. stultana following findings of ...

Publication | 22-05-2018

American Spodoptera species risk assessment

This assessment describes the impact of American Spodoptera species for the European Union.

Publication | 22-05-2018

Annual phytosanitary report 2017 abstract NVWA

The current report of the NVWA provides an overview of the inspections that were carried out and the associated findings of ...

Annual report | 13-04-2018

Nipponaclerda biwakoensis quick scan

This quick scan concerns a first risk categorisation to determine whether follow up measures are required for the pest under ...

Report | 12-03-2018