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Appendix I RIVM assessment of the safety of disinfectant VR2827-3 intended for use in the meat industry

On behalf of NVWA-BuRO, the RIVM has investigated the safety of the intended disinfectant VR2827-3 in the meat industry. The ...

Risk analysis | 01-02-2019

Appendix IIIa. Irish phased approach for disinfection in slaughterhouses

Appendix IIIa for advice of BuRO on suitability of disinfectant VR 2827-3 in slaughterhouses. Irish phased method disinfection in ...

Publication | 01-02-2019

Appendix II. Irish standardized study protocol for disinfection in slaughterhouses

Appendix II for advice from BuRO on suitability of disinfectant VR 2827-3 in slaughterhouses. Irish standardized study protocol.

Publication | 01-02-2019

Advice of BuRO on the suitability of disinfectant VR 2827-3 in slaughterhouses

BuRO advices the NVWA to impose strict requirements on a cattle slaughterhouse that wants to perform a trial with an alternative ...

Risk analysis | 01-02-2019

Quick scan Aleuroclava jasmini

This document presents de quick scan of Aleuroclava jasmini of 21 January 2019.

Publication | 22-01-2019

Pest Risk Analysis Tetranychus mexicanus Quick scan

Tetranychus mexicanus has been observed for the first time in Europe on Beaucarnea plants in a commercial glasshouse in the ...

Brochure | 09-11-2018

Pest report First outbreak of Tetranychus mexicanus (spider mite) on ornamental plants of Beaucarnea recurvata in a professional greenhouse

This report concerns the first official finding of Tetranychus mexicanus in the Netherlands (Municipality Drimmelen) on 11 ...

Report | 07-11-2018

MANCP, Multi Annual National Control Plan, the Netherlands, annual report 2017

Since 2007, every Member State of the European Union has drawn up a Multi-Annual National Control Plan (MANCP). This document is ...

Annual report | 02-10-2018

Plant health Directive 2000/29/EC

This directive is about protective measures against the introduction into the Community of organisms harmful to plants or plant ...

Policy document | 26-09-2018

Directive 2008/61/EC

conditions under which certain harmful organisms, plants, plant products and other objects may be introduced into or moved within ...

Policy document | 26-09-2018